ISEET 2013 Exam Question Patterns

Indian Science & Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET Exam) is a proposal from govt of India for a common engineering entrance examination for admission to B.E or B.Tech courses in the engineering institutes across India insead of various other engineering entrance exams like JEE and AIEEE. This new system of examination is based on complete assessment of the student.

ISEET Exam Pattern: ISEET will have two papers iseet main and iseet advanced on the same day.

ISEET Main Exam:
Duration of ISEET Main exam is 3 hours
ISEET Main Question Pattern– Areas Tested at ISEET
Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
Weightage to ISEET Main Exam is 30% minimum

ISEET Advance Exam:
Duration of ISEET Advance exam is 3 hours.
Question Pattern of ISEET Main – Areas Tested at ISEET
Problem Solving Ability in Basic Science Subjects
Weightage for ISEET Advance paper is 30% minimum

The two tests ISEET Main and ISEET Advance together will indicate a candidate’s scholastic level and aptitude for science and engineering.The overall score of a student will be a combination of the two papers along with the marks secured in higher secondary examinations.

The weight-age of each parameter for selection into ISEET are proposed to be as follows:
Board examinations 40% ISEET main 30% ISEET Advance 30%
ISEET has been a topic for debate ever since its proposal with many experts discouraging the influence of board results.

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