how do you Exactly Study for ISEET 2013?

The both sections in ISEET are related to each other tightly there is no book and papers can divide it in portions. you have to study and gain the knowledge about the exam at most as possible. Just read NCERT Books and study for boards as well as command in objective question equally. you can buy ISEET question banks from reputed ISEET coaching institutes like kota institute, Career point, Bansal classes and Resonance or join their coaching classes. There are many books available in the market for this ISEET exam preparation (Arihant publication is good). You also buy books online from flipkart


Multiple Choice Questions and Aptitude Tests

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are very limited in usefulness, and are necessary evil to deal with large number of candidates, along with necessity to machine grade their answers. Normal stepwise long answer questions are far more effective in assessing a learner’s abilities, and thinking orientation and degree of match with the desired thought process in a context.

Multiple Choice Aptitude Test is an untested bogey, or at its best an uncritical superstition, with no basis or proof that it works ( just as measures of intelligence such as IQ), de-contextualized pattern recognition or puzzle solving can fall easy prey to superficial training, or gaming the system, lacks the depth of a scholarly discipline or an intellectual tradition to test anything real, and at its best can become some surrogate version of intuitive Maths.

We should add a test of comprehension and other subjects that are normality taught at school, but are not part of JEE as of now.

Aptitude test will have a negative bearing on the rural—urban divide. Urban students will be able to perform better in an aptitude test. Hence it is unfair.

Statistical data from the past

Since we have JEE marks, board marks, and our performance data for the last several batches, we should study correlation between these quantities, and in case, there is lack of correlation between JEE marks and students‘ performance in IITs, then JEE should be fixed to become a better predictor of success, rather than removing JEE.

Detail about the changes being proposed in the exam

I will take JEE’12 as my 1st attempt. Will the JEE pattern be changed from this year(ie JEE2013) itself?? if not, then by which year will the new pattern come to effect. Please enlist in detail about the changes being proposed in the exam & about the new aptitude test.

Expert Reply: Since government officially has not declared any such changes regarding IIT-JEE. The changes are in process so, you need to wait for the official declaration by IIT-JEE officials. It would be better if you prepare well for the exam than wasting time on thinking about the patterns. Most of the students enroll in coaching classes for the entrance exams and the coaching classes faculty are much aware of any possible changes. So relax, and study well as if there are any changes your preparation would be done accordingly.

Will ISEET replace all State level engineering and science entrance exams?

All states have accepted the new pattern of common entrance exam except Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Pondicherry and West Bengal which will take the decision by the end of April 2012. Further, It is proposed that ISEET will gradually replace all entrance exams within a couple years and aspirants will have to prepare for only one national entrance exams to take admissions into all science and engineering colleges in India vis-a-vis IITs, NITs, IIITs, IISc, IISERs, other Technical and Deemed Universities as well as all Private colleges. States which will base its admissions on ISEET as of now are Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh and Uttarakhand. The decision to implement ISEET by the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh is final stages.

What is ISEET Advance Exam?

ISEET Advance exam is expected to be Advance to School Board curriculum and closer to AIEEE level of difficulty. It will have a maximum of 30% weightage in admission process and is a mandatory part of for taking admissions into IITs and NITs while it is optional for other central and state level institutions. Since HRD Ministry of India has indicated to pay more emphasis on board education, ISEET ADVANCE exam level is likely to be closer to AIEEE which has the difficulty level advanced to board curriculum